About McCourry Films

Film producer/director Craig McCourry helms McCourry Films LLC, a boutique American film production company that focuses on Asian-themed, historical drama feature films. Download our movie catalog here: https://bit.ly/32siuRH

McCourry Films specializes in “British style” English language historical drama feature films that showcase never-before-seen stories about Hong Kong during the British era. These unique movies can be found nowhere else. Movie productions filmed entirely in Hong Kong with talented English speaking actors from Hong Kong, Britain, Canada, and Australia. We welcome film/TV licensing inquiries in all territories worldwide for all platforms and all media.

* Hong Kong / American productions and international co-productions
* Network of talented film crew and actors based in Hong Kong
* Post-production facility
* Maintains in-house vintage props and wardrobe departments for historical drama productions
* Extensive knowledge of locations for filming in Hong Kong
* Experience shooting in over 70 countries worldwide.

* Welcome to the future...where everyone wants to live in the past.

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