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Craig McCourry helms his production company, McCourry Films, a boutique film production company that focuses on historical drama feature films.

* Hong Kong / American productions and international co-productions
* Network of talented film crew and actors based in Hong Kong
* Post-production facility
* Maintains in-house vintage props and wardrobe departments for historical drama productions
* Extensive knowledge of locations for filming in Hong Kong
* Experience shooting in over 70 countries worldwide.

* Welcome to the future...where everyone wants to live in the past.

New feature film release: Christmas at the Royal Hotel

In 1941, Hong Kong was the Casablanca of the East, a city full of war refugees, profiteers and spies. With the sudden attack by Japanese Imperial troops, a Canadian soldier’s Christmas promise is broken during the Battle of Hong Kong. Historical drama, English, 108 minutes.

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是的,《1941的聖誕》(CHRISTMAS AT THE ROYAL HOTEL)將會在香港電影資料館舉行幾場放映:28/8、18/9。門票將於三月中旬在城市電腦售票網售票處或網上www.URBTIX.hk發售。多多支持!

1941的聖誕:在一個充滿戰爭難民,間諜和投機者的城市, 一位加拿大軍人對妻子許下的的聖誕諾言卻在日本襲港期間被推翻了。 這部香港保衛戰故事片由美藉導演Craig McCourry 執導,並在二次大戰戰場實地拍攝。歷史劇情片,英語 (附中文字幕) 108分鐘。


Christmas at the Royal Hotel


Christmas at the Royal Hotel tells the story about the 1941 Battle of Hong Kong. In an attempt to fortify the military defensive lines, a large contingent of Canadian soldiers sailed to the shores of this far-flung British colony. One of the Canadian soldiers named Tom (Harry Oram) checks into the Royal Hotel, a slightly defunct establishment full of war profiteers, refugees and spies. At the hotel, Tom meets a mysterious Chinese lady named Mayling (Lydia Lee Tang) who works for the South China News Agency. Mayling is haunted by the ongoing war in China, especially after her husband goes missing during a secret meeting with some Chinese revolutionaries. Mayling’s quest for answers leads her to a Mr. Cheung (Wil Cheung), a hard-nosed political operator with uncertain loyalties. It is within this vortex of intrigue that a young hotel maid named Lily (Ashley Leung) has stumbled onto hard times since losing contact with her family in China. In her struggle for a hopeful future, Lily makes plans to celebrate the upcoming Christmas holiday with someone who has captured her heart. On December 8th, the sudden Japanese attack on Hong Kong changes everything. The fighting goes badly for the British, as the Japanese forces quickly gain the upper hand. It soon becomes apparent to Tom, Mayling and Lily that Hong Kong will fall to the Japanese. In a city on the verge of collapse, these desperate survivors must make hard sacrifices as the sword of fate drops without fear or favor. Some promises will never be kept during Hong Kong’s darkest hour.

Historical Drama / English /
108 minutes / 4K / 2018

This independently produced movie was filmed entirely in Hong Kong including the use of some of the actual World War 2 battle sites.


Written & Directed by Craig McCourry

Produced by Grace Yan Yan Mak

Cinematography by Craig McCourry & William Kwok

Music by Katie So & David Mak

Costume Design by Kenix Ho & Rebekah Scott

Makeup by Bianca Habana & Jenn Leung

Sound by Summer Greich, Ansh Grey, Remy Lam & Naz Lee

Military Consultant ~ Bill Lake


Starring: Harry Oram, Lydia Lee Tang, Ashley Leung, Wil Cheung, Michael Szuc, Vimal Vaz, Parker Chen, George John Alex, Nick Daryanani, Perrie Kapernaros, Jai Day, Rayve Zen, Jane Choi, Irene Ching, Ines Laimins, Leo Lee, Jessica Yeung, Cyril Ma, Nis Gron, Nick Ford, Denis Moldovean, Felix Chang, Paul Cox, Bowie Chan, Bosco Wong, Mike Yip, Monty Lo, Tom Lau, Davis Lam.


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