Hello and welcome to my personal digital base camp for those wayward internet voyagers. My personal website brings together many of my diverse interests and projects that collectively make up my career. I am a creative entrepreneur at heart and therefore seek challenges that will provide an exciting lifestyle.

Primarily I have worked the past 20 years in the media business, mostly as a filmmaker working on location in over 80 countries. My cinemagraphic work has been featured in thousands of TV commercials, TV shows, corporate films, music videos and multimedia productions. I also enjoy documenting the world’s major cities with my cameras, as to preserve a historical moving image record for future generations.

Recently, I have launched a new Sci-Fi comic series titled GRATLIN.  The storyline is about the rise of Artificial Intelligence bringing mankind to the brink of extinction. You can view the series at https://www.youtube.com/user/DoomsdayAI

So enjoy browsing my website to learn more about my ongoing journey as an entrepreneur, filmmaker, designer, internationalist, coffee connoisseur and globe trekker.

Craig McCourry


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