Welcome to my digital basecamp. I have worked as a filmmaker for over 20 years producing documentaries, TV commercials, travel films and a large cinematographic library of stock footage. My base of operations is in Hong Kong, China, where I manage a film production company called Hong Kong Productions.

I have film production experience in over 70 countries. I always seek out great cinematic imagery that will enhance the storytelling impact of my film productions. Light, composition, exposure, writing and visualization are the tools that help me create those stories that can transport an audience into another world. I firmly believe that a well-written script is the foundation for a successful film. Storytelling will always be an art form that has the amazing possibility to open doors into people’s souls.

So enjoy browsing my website to learn more about my ongoing journey as a filmmaker, cinematographer, movie camera collector, coffee connoisseur and globe trekker.

Craig McCourry
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